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6th Annual Blues Festival Guide 2008 Review

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6th Annual Blues Festival Guide 2008

6th Annual Blues Festival Guide 2008

Cover photo courtesy Blues Festival Guide

The Bottom Line

Since 2003, the Blues Festival Guide has provided a handy roadmap for blues fans looking to hit the road and experience a taste of live blues music in an open-air, outdoors setting. The 6th Annual Blues Festival Guide 2008 lives up to the lofty reputation of its predecessors, delivering over 100 pages of ads, articles, interviews, and festival listings. Whether you're packing your bags for an upcoming trip, or just want to put your finger on the pulse of the current state of blues music, the 6th Annual Blues Festival Guide 2008 is your "E Ticket."


  • Invaluable source of blues festival information


  • Newsprint format is inexpensive but cheap


  • Invaluable annual guide to blues festivals
  • 112-pages, 8.5"x11" standard magazine size
  • Inexpensive newsprint format
  • Price is right – free!

Guide Review - 6th Annual Blues Festival Guide 2008 Review

The 6th Annual Blues Festival Guide 2008 is an invaluable directory to the world of blues festivals and live music. This year's fat 112-page issue is packed with half and full-page ads for blues festivals, arranged by date beginning with May 2008 and running through the summer and well into the following year. Festivals are also listed in alphabetical order with the relevant page number, as well as line-listed by date with phone and website contact info.

If the Blues Festival Guide stopped here, that would be more than enough to ensure its place on the blues lover's desk or side table for easy, constant access. The magazine also includes many articles, such as blues musician Sean Carney's travelogue covering a number of festivals, an insightful piece on blues legend Bobby Rush, an informative article on cigar box guitars - a powerful addition to the instrumental arsenal of any aspiring country blues artist - and a well-written piece by blues artist and actor Chris Thomas King on the blues in Hollywood.

You'll also find a fine article providing a musician's perspective on the Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise by Randy Oxford, as well as an exhaustive list of Blues Societies by state and country. Even the magazine's advertising is illuminating beyond the simple festival listings of featured performers. Label ads, and those for independent blues musicians let the reader know "what's going on" in the blues community (and will probably lighten your wallet with subsequent CD purchases).

Best of all, you can't beat the price of the 6th Annual Blues Festival Guide 2008 - free from your local blues society, blues clubs, and at festivals. If you can't find a copy in your area, the guide is available for $7 postpaid from the Blues Festival Guide website, which is also quite informative and entertaining.

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