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Devon Allman Interview (2010)


Devon Allman of Devon Allman's Honeytribe

Devon Allman of Devon Allman's Honeytribe

Photo courtesy Provogue Records

While some people have questioned his timing or intent, Allman is satisfied with his decision to take the time off. "I'm really, really glad that I did it," he says. "Now that I look back, when people ask me 'do you think that you'd be further in your career if you hadn't done that,' I think 'I don't care.' I'm not in this to win some prize, I'm not out to be some Platinum-selling artist. I make records and I really hope that people resonate with them. I'm a better man for doing that."

Great Expectations

Because of his family's musical legacy, does Devon find that people have certain expectations of him? "I don't really pay attention to it; if I did it would take me off my game. I don’t keep track of what people expect. I'm my own guy doing my own music." What does the future hold in store for Devon Allman's Honeytribe? "We'll be touring all over America, all over Europe, trying to perpetuate this thing we call rock 'n' roll," he says. "We'll go back in February [2011] and start recording the third record. It's going to be a lot more riff rock, no huge dynamic shifts…not as produced, kind of a raw, riff rock record like the early ZZ Top records. I'm psyched to make it; I'm psyched for it to be a totally different approach. It should be fun."

Is there anything Allman would like potential fans to know about Space Age Blues? "If they like the blues, if they like rock, they like everything from B.B. King to Led Zeppelin, they should give it a shot," says Devon. "It's a record that has some depth and we're really proud of it." (Devon Allman phone interview, September 27, 2010)

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