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Fat Possum Records


Junior Kimbrough's You Better Run

Junior Kimbrough's You Better Run

Photo courtesy Fat Possum Records

Fat Possum Records: Independent record label located in Oxford, Mississippi and specializing in Mississippi blues. Formed by Matthew Johnson and Peter Lee in 1992, the label initially focused on blues artists from the North Mississippi Hill Country who had never recorded, or had recorded very little. The label earned acclaim for album releases by Junior Kimbrough, R.L. Burnside, Asie Payton, and T-Model Ford.

Many of the label's artists were elderly, however, and some died before their albums were released. During recent years, Fat Possum has altered its focus somewhat, releasing music by younger, rock-oriented artists like the Black Keys and Andrew Bird, as well as archival recordings of Burnside, Furry Lewis, and others from producer George Mitchell's vault.

Recommended Albums: R.L. Burnside's Wish I Was In Heaven Sitting Down is an excellent example of the Mississippi Hill Country sound, while Junior Kimbrough's You Better Run collects some of the bluesman's best Fat Possum recordings.

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