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Pinetop Perkins and Friends

Pinetop Perkins and Friends

Photo courtesy Telarc Records

Boogie-Woogie: An up-tempo blues style usually associated with the piano where the left hand plays repetitive bass notes in a rhythmic design and the right hand improvises. Originally an integral part of the ragtime and stride piano traditions of New Orleans and Kansas City, it evolved into an important element of Texas-style western swing.

Leading Artists: Pinetop Perkins is, perhaps the best-known boogie-woogie piano player in the blues, but pianist Mitch Woods is one of the leading contemporary practitioners of the style. During the 1960s and '70s, British blues-rock bands like Savoy Brown and Foghat incorporated boogie-woogie rhythms into their hard rock sound.

Also Known As: Barrelhouse Boogie
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