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Blues CDs New Releases - October 2009


11. Taj Mahal – 'Oooh So Good 'n' Blues/Mo' Roots' (BGO Records)

Taj Mahal's Oooh So Good 'n' Blues/Mo' Roots
Photo courtesy BGO Records
Another great import two-fer from the folks at BGO, this time collecting Taj Mahal's 1973 album Oooh So Good 'n' Blues, which features seven traditional blues numbers and a questionable excursion into jazz, with his 1974 LP Mo' Roots, the blues great's first experimentation with reggae and Caribbean rhythms. Unless I'm wrong…and I seldom am…this is the first appearance on compact disc for the 1973 album. (Release date: 10/27/09)

12. Tinsley Ellis – 'Speak No Evil' (Alligator Records)

Tinsley Ellis's Speak No Evil
Photo courtesy Alligator Records
Any blues album that features a bassist that goes by the moniker "The Evil One" just can't be bad, you know, and when you throw in Tinsley Ellis' blistering blues-rock guitar tones, you know that you have a winner on your hands. A veteran of better than 20 years in the trenches, and eleven album releases, Ellis follows up on his acclaimed 2007 album Moment of Truth with the highly anticipated Speak No Evil, cranking out a dozen original rockers sure to pacify any fan of blues guitar. (Release date: 10/06/09)
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13. Willie Murphy – 'A Shot of Love in a Time of Need' (Red House)

Willie Murphy's A Shot of Love in a Time of Need
Photo courtesy Red House Records
Multi-instrumentalist Willie Murphy is a bona-fide musical legend in his hometown of Minneapolis, the soul-blues singer and songwriter one of three charter members of the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame, named alongside Bob Dylan and a cat named Price. Murphy fronted the popular R&B band Willie and the Bees during the 1970s and '80s, and although he has recorded only sporadically through the years, his album releases have been uniformly unique and entertaining. A Shot of Love in a Time of Need is a two-disc set, the first a collection of Murphy originals and choice covers, while a "bonus" CD, Autobiography, features a set of unreleased Murphy songs pulled from across his 30 year career. (Release date: 10/13/09)
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