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Blues CDs New Releases - April 2014


Robert Cray – 'In My Soul' (Provogue Records)

Robert Cray's In My Soul
Photo courtesy Provogue Records

Sadly, there's not much information available on guitarist Robert Cray's In My Soul, but then again, it's Robert Cray, so you know that it's going to be good! What little press materials I've found call In My Soul a collection of retro blues and soul, eleven performances in total featuring Cray's fine vocals and finer guitarwork. Kudos to Provogue's art department for coming up with a great album cover full of vintage vibe and bluesy elegance! (Release date: 04/01/14)

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Shane Dwight – 'This Home' (Eclecto Groove Records)

Shane Dwight's This Home
Photo courtesy Eclecto Groove Records

Following up on his critically-acclaimed previous album, A Hundred White Lies, singer, songwriter, and guitarist Shane Dwight hooked up with Grammy Award-winning producer Kevin McKendree for This Home, the talented guitarist's debut for the Delta Groove subsidiary label Eclecto Groove Records. This Home is a collection of guitar-driven roots 'n' blues music that includes the sweet backing vocals of Bekka Bramlett and members of John Hiatt and Delbert McClinton's bands working behind Dwight in the studio. (Release date: 04/15/14)

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Terry Hanck – 'Gotta Bring It On Home To You' (Delta Groove Music)

Terry Hanck's Gotta Bring It On Home To You
Photo courtesy Delta Groove Music

Blues music's favorite saxophonist, Terry Hanck follows up on the success of his award-winning 2011 album Look Out! with Gotta Bring It On Home To You. Working with guitarist and producer Kid Andersen, Gotta Bring It On Home To You offers up ten new tunes, ranging from New Orleans-styled R&B and West Coast jump blues to soul ballads and raucous rockers. Andersen adds a bit of his uniquely-crafted fretwork, while studio guests like Debbie Davies, Jim Pugh, Lorenzo Farrell, and others contribute their talents. While I'm not a big sax fan myself, many of you readers are, and Hanck is one of – if not the best – in the blues. (Release date: 04/15/14)

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Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltry – 'Going Back Home' (Chess Records)

Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltry's Going Back Home
Photo courtesy Chess Records

This one is so special that Universal Music reactivated the Chess Records label for the release of Going Back Home from guitarist Wilko Johnson and singer Roger Daltry (The Who). Going Back Home is Johnson's swansong after a lifetime spent making great music as both a solo artist and as part of British rock legends Dr. Feelgood. The guitarist is suffering from terminal cancer and the album is his way of making the most of the time he has left as well as giving his fans one last blast of music. Featuring 11 tracks, including ten originals as well as Wilko's bluesy take on the Bob Dylan gem "Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window," Going Back Home is a tribute to the old-school British rhythm & blues that Johnson and Daltry fell in love with as young men. (Release date: 04/08/14)

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