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John McDermott w/Eddie Kramer & Billy Cox - Ultimate Hendrix (2009)

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John McDermott's Ultimate Hendrix

John McDermott's Ultimate Hendrix

Photo courtesy Backbeat Books

The Bottom Line

John McDermott is the author of three other books on the legendary blues-rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix, including the best-selling Hendrix: Setting The Record Straight (now in its 15th printing), and he co-produced the Hendrix CD reissue series with long-time Hendrix collaborator Eddie Kramer. With Ultimate Hendrix, McDermott worked with former bandmember Billy Cox and producer Kramer to reconstruct every song, recording session, and live concert performed by the late guitar god.

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  • Author McDermott interviewed the friends and musicians closest to Hendrix.
  • Datebook format provides chronological dissection of Hendrix's creative process.
  • Book presents an exhaustive overview of the guitarist's brief career.
  • Ultimate Hendrix provides insight into the artist's music and songwriting.


  • Would have liked to have read more on Hendrix's posthumous album releases.
  • Hendrix's tragic death at the age of 27 years robbed fans of a world of music.


  • Trade paperback, 256 pages, color and B&W photos
  • Dozens of rare photos capture Hendrix the showman on stage and in the studio.
  • Annotated entries include valuable information for fans and collectors.

Guide Review - John McDermott w/Eddie Kramer & Billy Cox - Ultimate Hendrix (2009)

Blues-rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix's star couldn't have been burning brighter at the time of his tragic death in September 1970. During three short years, Hendrix released three hit studio and a live album that only hinted at the artist's on-stage prowess. An explosive appearance at the Woodstock Festival in August 1969 that included a live version of "The Star Spangled Banner," fans were eager to hear more from this creative and revolutionary artist at the time of his death.

In the almost 40 years since Hendrix's death, his cult of personality has grown to mythical proportions. Exploitative album releases, shabby "tell all" biographies, bootleg tapes, and courtroom drama helped fuel the fires until the Hendrix family won back the rights to all of the guitarist's music.

With a wealth of material to wade through, the estate turned to writer, producer, and filmmaker John McDermott to help with the process. With Eddie Kramer, McDermott co-produced better than a dozen of Experience Hendrix's CD reissues, and working again with the producer and former Hendrix bandmember Billy Cox, McDermott has produced Ultimate Hendrix.

Ultimate Hendrix outlines Jimi Hendrix's creative career, from his early-1960s R&B apprenticeship on the chitlin' circuit to his discovery by Chas Chandler of the Animals, his move to London, and subsequent stardom. Ultimate Hendrix documents every recording session, where Hendrix wrote his songs, and every concert performance with details provided by insiders like Cox, Chandler, Kramer, Buddy Miles, and others.

As a result, Ultimate Hendrix provides a wealth of information that outlines the artist's complex and intriguing creative process. Jimi Hendrix was a once-in-a-generation genius, and McDermott lays out the details of his short but influential career. (Backbeat Books, released January 1, 2009)

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