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Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin Profile


Robert Plant & Jimmy Page

Robert Plant & Jimmy Page

Photo courtesy Atlantic Records

Jimmy Page Profile:

Born: January 9, 1944 in Heston, Middlesex England

Guitarist Jimmy Page did more to introduce a rock audience to the blues than any other musician. With his early-1960s session work, the groundbreaking tenure of Led Zeppelin, and various post-Zep creative collaborations, Page continued to expand his talents and expose listeners to various forms of blues, folk, and rock music.

A self-taught musician, Page began his career as a session musician, playing behind bands like the Who and the Rolling Stones, as well as British pop and folk artists like Donovan and P.J. Proby.

The Yardbirds

In 1966, Page accepted an offer to join the Yardbirds as a bassist, taking over the guitar slot with Jeff Beck's departure. When the band broke up, Page put together the "New Yardbirds" to fulfill concert bookings. Recruiting fellow session pro, bassist John Paul Jones, along with the relatively unknown vocalist Robert Plant, and drummer John Bonham, the band would change its name and become Led Zeppelin.

Led Zeppelin

It is with Led Zeppelin that Page's talent and reputation became widespread, and his influence on a generation of blues-rock guitarist was cemented by the band's first two album releases in 1969. Both albums were blues-based, building upon the work of Cream and Jimi Hendrix, with a heavier psychedelic rock sound. Both also featured covers of blues songs by Willie Dixon. Led Zeppelin's hard rock sound laid the groundwork for bands like Savoy Brown and Foghat.

With the release of Led Zeppelin III and the band's untitled fourth album, Page began mixing elements of British folk, Celtic and Welch mysticism, and strains of world music into the Zeppelin sound. By the time of the band's break-up in 1980 after the death of drummer Bonham, Led Zeppelin had conquered the music world with sold-out world tours and multi-Platinum album sales.

After Zep

Since Led Zeppelin, Page performed with both Robert Plant's Honeydrippers and in the Firm with Bad Company vocalist Paul Rodgers; recorded an album with Whitesnake's David Coverdale; toured with the Black Crowes; and recorded a pair of critically-acclaimed albums with Plant. Page has declined to pursue a solo career, releasing only Outrider in 1988.

Recommended Albums: Page's most outstanding blues-rock guitar work can be found on Led Zeppelin's first two albums and his lone solo album.

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