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History: Styles of the Blues, a Blues Glossary, and the Eras of the Blues


The basics of the blues, including the various styles of blues music, a glossary of blues terms, and descriptions of the different eras of the blues as well as information on blues music festivals.
  1. Blues Styles
  2. Blues Glossary
  3. Blues Record Labels
  1. Early Blues Era (1910-1950)
  2. Modern Blues Era (1950-1980)
  3. Blues-Rock (1960-present)

Blues Styles

Charley Patton's King Of The Delta Blues

Descriptions of the various regional styles that make up the blues.

Blues Glossary

A glossary of commonly-used blues terms, including Delta slang and musical definitions.

Blues Record Labels

Sun Records logo

The companies that have promoted and defined the blues.

Early Blues Era (1910-1950)

The Essential Bessie Smith

Essential artists and recordings of the early blues era

Modern Blues Era (1950-1980)

Muddy Waters' Live At Newport 1960

The critically-acclaimed and commercial boom years of the blues, from 1950 to 1980.

Blues-Rock (1960-present)

Cream's Disraeli Gears

The blues had a baby and they called it "rock & roll"!

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