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Famous Blues Artists and Styles


These are the famous blues artists and styles that help define blues music as an important genre of American roots music.
  1. Mississippi Delta Blues
  2. Chicago Blues
  3. Blues-Rock
  4. Piedmont Blues
  5. Country Blues

Mississippi Delta Blues

Charley Patton's King Of The Delta Blues

Born in the fertile Mississippi Delta where cotton was king, these are the blues artists that helped create the Delta blues sound.

Chicago Blues

Howlin' Wolf's Rockin' The Blues

Benefiting from the migration of Delta blues musicians to the big city, the Chicago blues were shaped by a mix of rural roots and urban life.


Rory Gallagher's Crest of a Wave

Early rock artists grew up on the blues from Chicago and the Mississippi Delta and by incorporating it into their music, created the genre known as blues-rock.

Piedmont Blues

Blind Willie McTells' Complete Recordings

Characterized by a unique fingerpicked guitar style, the Piedmont Blues style was popular in the region of Virginia, the Carolinas, and parts of Georgia and Florida.

Country Blues

Skip James' Complete Early Recordings

Country blues, which is also known as "folk blues," is a primarily an acoustic guitar-oriented type of blues from which many other styles are derived. It often incorporated elements of gospel, ragtime, hillbilly, and Dixieland jazz.

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