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Reverend Keith A. Gordon

Reverend Keith A. Gordon

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The Rev. Keith A. Gordon has over 35 years experience writing about music, specializing in the blues and rock genres. His work has appeared in over 100 publications worldwide, including the All Music Guide to the Blues book.


Manning the pop culture trenches for over three and a half decades, the Rev. Keith A. Gordon is a familiar name in music criticism. Gordon's words have appeared in over 100 publications worldwide, including Blurt magazine, Creem, Harp magazine, Country Standard Time, and Big O magazine in Singapore, among others. As a contributor to the All Music Guide web site, Gordon's work has appeared in AMG's books on the blues, country and rap music. The former editor of the popular Alt.Culture.Guide webzine for seven years, Gordon also edited three volumes compiling the best of the publication's many reviews and interviews, and his book Rock Talk collects three-dozen of Gordon's most notable artist interviews. Although specializing in writing about the blues, rock, metal and prog-rock genres, Gordon has also written extensively about technology, the media, and politics through the years.

By Reverend Keith A. Gordon:

Since first hearing Jimi Hendrix wail away on the Isley Brothers' early-'60s hit "Testify," I have been hooked on music. Influenced by older friends and their record collections, I soon moved beyond the radio and my parent's meager selection of 45s to discover new possibilities in garage, psychedelic, and hard rock. Sometime during high school, after winning a copy of Don Nix's 1972 Alabama State Troupers Roadshow album from a Nashville radio station, I discovered Furry Lewis and the blues. From that point it has been a roller-coaster of rock and blues as I spent my allowance and daily lunch money on albums by Muddy Waters, the Rolling Stones, Howlin' Wolf, and the Yardbirds. Thirty-five years later, not much has changed, as every extra penny is spent on blues, rock, metal, punk and prog-rock CDs, music books and magazines. You can follow the Reverend's writing on rock music on his That Devil Music.com blog...

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