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Reverend Keith A. Gordon

Soul Legend Swamp Dogg Reissued

By February 13, 2013

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Swamp Dogg's Total Destruction To Your MindSoul legend Swamp Dogg (a/k/a/ Jerry Williams) was a unique figure even by the standards of the day. A talented songwriter, studio engineer, and producer, Williams worked with Jerry Wexler and Atlantic Records through the 1960s. By the end of the decade, however, Williams had invented his "Swamp Dogg" alter-ego, releasing his debut album Total Destruction To Your Mind in 1970. Although it sold poorly at the time, the album's mix of soul, funk, blues, and rock music would inspire a generation of artists to follow, Swamp Dogg a soul shouter in the style of Solomon Burke, a humorous and satirical (and frequently dirty-minded) songwriter in the vein of Frank Zappa.

Swamp Dogg followed up his eclectic debut with the musically similar Rat On! album the following year, the grotesque cover art (Dogg riding atop a large white rat) now considered one of the worst album covers of all time (a fact that Williams is oddly proud of). Both influential but out-of-print albums became coveted collector's items long ago, but thanks to the good folks at Alive Naturalsound Records, both will be reissued on CD and vinyl LP on March 5, 2013. Newly re-mastered and appearing on vinyl for the first time since their original release, special limited-edition colored-vinyl versions of both albums will also be available by mail order only from the Bomp Records website. You can get a taste of both albums right now, however, courtesy of Swamp Dogg himself, by clicking through the links below.

"If I Die Tomorrow" (from Total Destruction To Your Mind)

"Creeping Away" (from Rat On!)

Photo courtesy Alive Naturalsound Records


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